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Marriott 500 Million Person Data Breach (Questions/Answers)

How Marriott Got Caught In A 500-Million Person Data Breach Were You Affected? (Your Questions Answered) What Do We Need To Know About The Marriott B

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2019 Cyber Security Guide: Emerging And Enhanced Threats

In Part 1 and Part 2 of the 2019 Cyber Security planning series, we looked at the evolution of technology and the future of cybersecurity defense

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How Does Using Microsoft Digital Ink Improve Workplace Collaboration?

The integration of the Microsoft (MS) digital ink function and digital pen provides companies with a way to improve collaboration, increase out-the-bo

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Running Office 365 or Google Apps?

Guide To Ensure Your Cloud Data Is Properly Backed Up Cloud storage is a relatively new technology that provides access to data on multiple devices an

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Microsoft Office 365, Data Governance Made Painless

Companies that manage data governance well are in a better position to meet data protection and retention compliance requirements and to accomplish th

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Is Your Company Phone Line A Potential Security Risk?

It seems like every week, a new, high-profile data breach is in the news. Both national and international companies alike can be hacked at any time, p

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Computers Are Removed From Your Daily Worry List

When technology systems are running at maximum efficiency, staff are more efficient, productivity increases, sales go up and your customers are happy.

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Our Computer Services Save You Time & Money

We all know how hard it is to make a buck. NexgenTec works with you to make sure you have the right information technology solutions so you are not s

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Our Computer Services Techs Are Easy To Work With

Many IT companies throughout Central Florida want you to fit into their box. Meaning, the only way to do things is their way. Not with NexgenTec. You'

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