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Why Make the Move to an Internet-Based, Modern Business Telephone System?

Older landline-based telephone systems run on an infrastructure that’s been around since the 1960’s.

As a result, traditional business phone systems are missing the functionality and dependability that is made possible by the newer internet infrastructure here in Florida. Companies are quickly moving to Internet-based telephone systems to leverage the speed, function, cost savings, collaboration, and mobility benefits.

Let us introduce you to NEXpbx Unlimited, the locally backed advanced cloud phone system.

Are you tired of your customers getting a busy signal?

Frustrated by paying exorbitant support and repair fees for your existing phone system?

How would you like to replace your out-of-date phones with a brand-new system for much less than you would think!

We understand what business leaders want from their phone systems and have developed a solution that can be scaled to meet any company’s telecom requirements.

  • NEXpbx is hosted in the NexgenTec datacenter.
  • NEXpbx is monitored 24/7 for security and dependability.
  • NEXpbx is backed by both server and transmission redundancies.
  • NEXpbx is supported fully by the NexgenTec staff – not a call center.

What’s included in our NEXpbx Unlimited Business Phone System?

Unlimited Features
  • Unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance Calling
  • Unlimited Lines – no more busy signals
  • Unlimited FREE Support
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Phones are included for FREE and have a 3-Year Warranty!
  • All outbound calls will show your primary phone number regardless of the line used!
  • Add phones as you grow
  • Have multiple locations? NEXpbx works seamlessly between offices!
Bonus Features
  • FREE Intercom
  • FREE Hold Music
  • FREE Auto-Attendant (Virtual Receptionist)
  • FREE Customizable Greetings
  • FREE Voicemail for every phone

What Makes NEXpbx Business Telephone Systems Attractive to Leesburg Area Business Leaders?

  • Easily scale up or down as your business grows or goes through seasonal cycles
  • Low up-front cost
  • Continuous management and maintenance by the NexgenTec team
  • Use any device as a phone and have a full-featured professional business telephone presence
  • Communicate professionally from anywhere in the world
  • Access more features – for efficiency and collaboration – than with traditional systems
  • Rely on a better infrastructure than the old landline system

Are Internet-Based Business Telephone Systems Proven Technology?

Yes! Enterprise-level companies have been successfully harnessing the advantages of Internet-based telephone systems for years. Now, newer technologies have made it affordable and advantageous for the small to mid-size company to get in on the benefits.

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