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Looking for Linux Debian or Ubuntu Specialists In Florida to Maintain, Optimize, and Integrate Open Source Solutions?

Free, Open Source Software makes up a large segment of the applications developed for business. The largest platform for these Open Source solutions is Linux. The NexgenTec team of IT professionals helps businesses here in Leesburg and the surrounding area take advantage of Open Source software and the Linux operating system. We carefully examine each software option and Linux instance to ensure that only mature, audited, and tested solutions are used within your IT environment.

Why Linux Consulting?

Linux consulting is much more than simply helping you set up, secure, run, and maintain a Debian or Ubuntu instance of the Linux operating system. Our Linux consultants are most interested in how the benefits of Linux and other Open Source software solutions can help your business. Some of the Linux and Open Source advantages are:

  • Zero Licensing Fees – Linux and Open Source software is free to use, even for businesses.
  • High-Speed Innovation – Linux and Open Source software development lead the industry in innovation
    because there are no licensing fees or intellectual property rights that get in the way of its evolution.
  • Low Cost – Linux and Open Source software make it possible for companies to have and use cutting-edge software solutions without the cost associated with using software developed by the huge technology companies.
  • Flexibility – Linux and Open Source solutions are the perfect platform for companies that need specialized, tailored applications or integrations.
  • User Input – The information gathered from actual Linux or Open Source software users drives changes within the software – not profit.
  • Virus Free – Because most viruses are targeted at commercially mass-distributed operating systems and software solutions, Linux and Open Source software have far fewer security vulnerabilities than the big name solutions.
  • Freedom – In regard to changes to the software itself, Linux and Open Source software give the users the ability to make decisions that benefit their company.

What Other Services Does NexgenTec Leverage in Conjunction with Linux Consulting?

  • Managed IT Services
  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Wireless Networking
Linux Consulting Florida
  • Cybersecurity
  • Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 Consulting
  • Apple Support
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