Enhancing Email Security

Email security should not be taken lightly, your livelihood is at stake!

Enhancing Email SecurityCyber attacks have costed the lives of many people in more than one way including identity theft, and people getting fired over emails they did not send or information leakage. It can not be stressed enough the need for tight IT security especially now that technology is at its peak. IT security is a broad term and when broken down it covers, network security, systems security, data protection, and even email security. We want to focus more on email security, which can be overlooked.

What is email security?

Generally, it is securing sensitive information from email accounts and communications against phishing, email impersonation, and unauthorized access. Email-based attacks have been on the rise and one of the reasons why is that people and businesses do not consider emails as a source of attacks.
Opening unsuspecting spam mails and attachments have led to malware installation which in turn have caused a breach in IT security in terms of exposing valuable data. The bottom line is, it is not only the IT managers or gurus who are responsible for security. Individuals should also consider taking measures towards strengthening their email account security.

Ways of enhancing Protection

Security is a layered approach. The more layers you have the better protected you’ll be. No one solution is the silver bullet. I’ve outlined some of the key components to email security starting with the most important.

  • User awareness training
    Phishing schemes have become more and more common due to their ease and effectiveness. According to the Sans Institute 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful spear phishing. Security is a layered approach and user awareness training should not be overlooked. It’s important that users can identify potential phishing emails to protect your corporate data.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    Hackers are usually looking to gather personal information such as usernames and passwords. The best way to protect against unauthorized access to protected resources is to utilize two factor authentication whenever and wherever possible. With this kind of protection, email security is increased tenfold. Even if cyber attackers manage to get your credentials the won’t be able to access your account without having access to the second factor of authentication.
  • Cloud-based protection
    Businesses stand to lose a lot due to email security breach and need a service that protects them phishing emails and so on. Cloud-based email protection services have content filtering and spam filtering capabilities which makes it ideal to fight this IT threat. Protecting all email accounts and not just the generic accounts with this type of protection is effective and reliable however costly it might be.

Other measures to build up email security are having strong passwords and changing them often, avoiding opening email links and attachments from unidentified senders, using anti-virus, spam filters, avoid password sharing and using VPN software for remote email access. Additionally, it is never a good idea to access company emails on public Wi-Fi networks.

Do not underestimate email attacks. Hackers are coming up with sophisticated methods to get past the security systems to access your information. Email security is important and hopefully, the above methods will help strengthen IT security measure for emails.

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