NexgenTec at The Recovery Village

NexgenTec Reaffirms its top tier network integration services with its works on the recently opened Recovery Village

The Recovery Village

LEESBURG Fla., October 19, 2013— NexgenTec LLC started offering network integration services over a decade ago at the peak of the dot-com bubble. And has ever since stayed at the helm of software and data management service providers in Central Florida, exploiting its wealth of experience, impeccably skilled staff and use of up to date networking and computer technology services to serve its sizable clientele. Its recent network integration installation services at the Recovery Village, a new age rehabilitation center in Umatilla, Florida is another reaffirmation of its top tier information technology and networking solutions.

In the computer technology industry today the only constant factor is change, not only the computer software but also the hardware is constantly being upgraded to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Big organizations as well as small and medium enterprises need to keep abreast with these changes in order to maintain their edge over their competitors. After all, the need for seamless wireless and wired network connectivity is an integral part of an organizations internal and external operations performance. In addition proper data management as well as security is essential making the need for a reliable information technology service provider a must for most organizations.

The nature of privacy associated with rehabilitation centers as well as the need to separate the patients from the external environment meant installation of a not only secure but efficient wired and wireless network and also secure workstations. NexgenTec LLC utilized enterprise grade wireless network with eight centrally managed access points to ensure both secure and seamless network connections. Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from the center’s main location to its secondary location thus enabling them to use the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones through the VPN. Use of the Cat 6 standardized Gigabit Ethernet cable means that the Recovery Village not only enjoys up-to-date top tier network connections but its network connection is also compatible with backward Category 5/5e and Category 3 cable standards.

NexgenTec LLC’s astute customer care and after sale services have enabled it to maintain its market position. Offering timely same day emergency service calls within Lake County and the surrounding communities. As well as remote and on-site technical support to all its clientele. Its preventive maintenance ensures that clients’ computer and networking installations are always running effectively and efficiently.

Given the increasing numbers of commercial clients with the need for close-circuit television (CCTV) to enhance security of their property, NexgenTec LLC also offers television installation and coaxial wiring services. A CCTV installation at the Recovery Village was completed to enhance monitoring of activities as well as the security at the rehabilitation center.

Among an organization’s vital assets is its data, it is this wealth of information that enables organizations to strategically position themselves, sustainably expanding their reach and maintaining their competitive advantage. With recent data breaches that left vital client information stolen from major multinational organizations its only imperative that small and medium enterprises ensure proper configuration and safety of their servers. NexgenTec LLC’s team of computer and information technology experts is impeccably skilled to not only ensure proper server configuration and security but also data management and recovery.

In the computer and technology information industry today, there are many mediocre service providers that offer services way below what they proclaim. Individuals as well as organizations are safer and better off hiring time tested and proven companies like NexgenTec LLC as their IT solutions service providers. Given not only their recent work at the Recovery Village but also their sizable clientele are proof of their reputable services.

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