Solutions that Cover the Entire Spectrum


With businesses more dependent upon computers and technology having in place fast and reliable IT support is becoming critical. Imagine you come into work to find your server and network has failed. Nobody can access emails, files on the server, or critical business applications — your business comes to a stop costing you time and money. With NexgenTec’s I.T. Solutions a professional team of support specialists are never more than a phone call away. With our onsite and remote support options our technicians can diagnose and remedy most issues within a matter of minutes, mitigating downtime and maximizing profitability for the customer.

Network Solutions


The basis of a reliable network is an exceptional design. NexgenTec utilizes state of the art hardware and tecniques thus ensuring a reliable network for years to come.

Wiring & Wireless

Providing a seemles coverage throught your business NexgenTec's wireless technology provides a persistent connection for all devices.


Network & computer security is a fine balance between ease of access and preventing un-authorized access to your business’ mission critical data.

Phone Systems

Vital for business, a modern phone system can reduce cost, and provide additional features to increase efficiency.


Used for purposes, such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR), faxes, file storage, backups, or as a domain controller. Servers have a vast amount of uses, within a business.


Reliable, properly functioning, and properly maintained workstations are essential to maximize employee productivity.

Printing & Faxing

Printing and faxing support although often under valued, since most business procedures today are paperless, is still a critical part of most businesses day-to-day operations. 

Filtering & Monitoring

NexgenTec's web filtering allows you to control your network, increase productivity, and save money. Whether it’s time wasters like Facebook, Youtube, or shopping sites, we've got you covered.


NexgenTec can assist you, whether you are looking for advice on a special project, or how to optimize your IT infrastructure.