e not only design networks to suit your organization’s information technology needs but also offer network installation services both wired and wireless. Exploiting the recent technological advancement in computer networking hardware to build for you a reliable, fast and secure computer network. Creating a both wired and wireless network for your organization thus ensuring uninterrupted connectivity both on-site and off-site. Where necessary we also create Virtual Private Networks (VPN) so as to ensure secure seamless connectivity of the organizations’ workers working off-site.

Through quality computer network design and installation we ensure optimum performance of your sensitive and critical applications. Giving you a full range of communication options, thus boosting your network’s usability both on-site and off-site.

The key ingredients to a secure and functional network include:

  • Firewall

    NexgenTec’s network firewalls help prevent data and devices from being compromised by filtering network traffic.

  • Network Switch

    As the heart of the network it’s important to have a reliable and good quality network switch to prevent any network downtime.

  • Router

    The router is the bridge to the Internet and must be properly configured and well maintained to ensure proper operation.

  • VOIP Telephone

    By utilizing existing Ethernet cabling NexgenTec’s VOIP solutions reduce installation costs.

  • Internet

    A reliable high speed connection will enable internet connected devices to operate quickly and smoothly. We work with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to make sure your needs are met.

  • Server

    As the central hub for information sharing, it’s critical to have a reliable and well maintained server.

  • Workstation

    Routine maintenance is critical to ensure proper operation and provide protection from threats.

  • Mobile Devices

    Connecting via the wireless network mobiles devices need a strong WiFi signal to maximize productivity.

  • Wireless Access Points

    A proper wireless network is needed to provide seamless integration with wireless devices.

  • Network Wiring

    We handle all your ethernet, telephone, and VOIP cabling needs. So, whether you are adding to your existing network or doing a fresh install, NexgenTec can provide a quote or plan for your needs.