A managed services plan is a valuable resource for small and medium sized businesess. Today, more and more businesses are adopting these services to move the responsibility of IT operations to a trusted and reliable service provider. Typically, a managed service provider is responsible for all aspects of an IT operation. This allows the company to focus on the more important aspects of daily operations while leaving full responsibility to a managed services provider.


Benefits of managed services, some of which are often overlooked

The benefits that come along with managed services are often overlooked, despite being overwhelmingly positive. There are two main advantages that managed services have.

  • 24/7 monitoring system

    The biggest advantage that managed services provide is the monitoring system that is usually on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The system set in place monitors the appropriate IT system to ensure that everything operates as it should, and to detect any symptoms of possible failures. The technician will then receive notifications of signs that can predict the problem before it becomes a headache.

  • Lower long-term costs

    Managed services in Leesburg Florida offer several different price plans, some of which are better are in the short term, others in the long term. By using a system that monitors using technology, the overall costs of daily operation is reduced not to mention the responsibility is left to an expert.

Although these are the two main benefits, managed services provide a wide range of benefits such as improved efficiency, less downtime, faster response time, and most importantly, cost-effectiveness. Why wait for an IT system to break, when you can place preventative measures to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Small IT companies come and go quickly — and so do their Techs

It is a well-known phenomenon by business owners of over 5 years that small IT companies come and go all the time, working with a new technician can be a less than efficient process. By working with the same technician, you can develop a long-lasting relationship.

Why break-fix is no longer good enough for business, and how it’s compared to Managed services

Break-fix was the original approach towards tech support, and while it was effective for the longest time. It was eventually replaced with managed services due to the several benefits that come along with it. Managed services originally started with break-fix services, however there were several problems with the service. A break-fix mentality is simply fixing something after it has broken, so the company would call tech support or some service company, and they would rush over and fix it. In an ideal case, you want to avoid these problems and hopefully place some preventative measures that will reduce the risk. Over time, as technology advancements were made, new software and tools were made to make the process more efficient. This allowed techs to monitor the IT systems and get an idea of what led up to the ‘break’. This idea of using technology to monitor IT systems 24 hours a day, and keep a record of everything that goes on, is the foundation of managed services, something that has been proven efficient and effective.

Perhaps you’re not looking to add another monthly fee to your list of bills

Operating a business or company can be tough, especially financially, and it seems like everyone is looking to offer a service for a monthly price. Fortunately, there are several options for price plans, some of which don’t involve monthly plans. Managed service providers’ focus on what’s important, preventing IT problems, improved use of IT budget, as well as building a long-term relationship with clients.

Should you consider managed services and how do you know if it is right for all companies?

Depending on your business or industry, you may benefit greatly from a managed service, while some businesses are less dependent on technology. However, there are several questions you can ask yourself to see if you would benefit from managed services in Leesburg Florida.

“Do you know which IT systems are outdated, and if they’re affecting productivity?”
“Is an IT problem negatively affecting a user’s experience?”
“Do you have a go-to technician for any IT problems?”

These are just a few questions that you need to be asking yourself to understand how reliant your business is on technology for day to day operations. If your business is heavily dependent on technology, calling an IT consultant to do a sweep of your systems may be the best approach to determine any IT problems.

Managed services in Leesburg Florida is growing in popularity and more companies are adopting this new service, the positive effects of such a service has been proven to show in all aspects of daily business operations.