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Written by on March 13, 2019 Under Business IT Support, Who can you trust with your business technology?

If you are looking to modernize your company’s current IT or communication infrastructure, then you need to find a technology company that can help you meet a wide range of objectives. A solid IT company offers forward-thinking solutions that will sustain your business through projected growth or unforeseen potential disaster.

Nexgentec provides IT solutions for business owners in The Villages, FL. We offer tools and technology that helps you formulate a streamlined and manageable system with the highest level of security. Whether you need to rethink your network, boost your online security measures, create a greater platform for storing your data, or create a scalable model designed for business growth, our certified technicians can help you every step of the way.

Let’s take a closer look at how partnering with Nexgentec can help you meet your IT goals and keep up with technology in the modern age.

Managed IT Services & Computer Repair In The VillagesFL

If you are still operating your business on outdated technology, you may be facing several possible challenges — some of which you may not be aware of:

  • Your old technology is not equipped to handle security issues.
  • Your competition is out-pacing and out-performing you.
  • You have started noticing how your current technology is hindering your business growth.
  • You may be experiencing a wide range of technical problems.
  • No one in your company is an expert in managing all of your IT needs.

If you have experienced these challenges, then now is the time to consider a more relevant approach to IT technology.

Times have changed. The role of today’s IT company has become more integral in helping businesses with their organizational processes. That’s why companies that need computer repair in The VillagesFL are turning to Nexgentec for managed IT services. By partnering with Nexgentec, you can prepare your team for the next phase of technological development and improve your organizational infrastructure.

How can our IT management service benefit your business?

  • Conventional antivirus software can no longer protect your system from online criminal activity, hackers, or spammers, or phishing companies. Nexgentec provides real-world IT security that tackles today’s online security issues.
  • Old hard drives and conventional third-party storage platforms are no longer adequate to handle your data. Nexgentec can provide secure cloud platforms that approved users can access from any remote device. We provide cloud platforms that encrypt data and shield it from hackers.
  • If you are looking for a problem solver, then you may want to hire a baseline computer repair company. However, if you want to work with innovative IT experts that can actually help your company grow beyond your current constraints, then Nexgentec can help you get to the next level.

Cloud-Based Communication Systems

Cloud-based phone systems have surpassed traditional phone systems in every capacity: scope, features, efficiency, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. If you are spending too much on your communication system but are still held down by feature limitations, then Nexgentec can help.

Nexgentec’s NexPBX allows you to implement a cloud-based phone system with the following features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and security
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • Unlimited phone lines
  • Unlimited customer Support
  • Existing phone number retention
  • Built-in phones with a 3-year warranty
  • A scalable communication system
  • Multi-site capabilities
  • Onboard features such as voicemail, customizable greetings, auto attendant, call-forwarding, and conference-calling

Wireless Network Services

Your company’s network is at the heart of your online and digital operations. Therefore, you can no longer utilize a sub-par, unreliable wireless service. Nexgentec can help you design and implement a wireless network using state-of-the-art hardware and software. Our systems operate efficiently with minimal maintenance.

A modern wireless network allows you to communicate with your employees to or from any remote location while performing all business functions across multiple devices. You can increase your productivity while tightening security with advanced corporate Wi-Fi protocols, guarded endpoints, and a protected user-to-user workflow that passes from initiation to completion.

How does a Nexgentec wireless network contribute to your business success?

  • Wi-Fi tools create more fluid employee collaboration throughout multiple platforms.
  • Your company will experience fewer Wi-Fi connectivity difficulties.
  • A more simplified model will foster a more efficient organizational process.
  • High-end security protocols provide a safer work environment for your team and your clients.
  • Low-voltage, structured cabling will reinforce a stronger and more dependable electrical system.

Eliminate Disruptions in Your Business Continuity

Some problems that arise outside of your company are simply beyond your control. However, you can minimize the disruptions that these problems can potentially cause with a solid IT infrastructure in place.

Partnering with a local computer repair company in The Villages, FL empowers you to take quick action whenever outside factors such as a natural disaster affect your business operations. Living in Central Florida exposes your company to weather-related conditions such as flooding and hurricanes, as well as other localized disasters including power outages. You may also be vulnerable to break-ins, security breaches, and cyber attacks.

Nexgentec can help you develop an internal infrastructure that stabilizes your business continuity whenever these disasters occur. Our technicians can evaluate your current digital workflow and design, and then incorporate a strategy that keeps your business running regardless of any unforeseen large-scale problems. We can also keep hackers from gaining access to your most critical data.

Areas that we can assess and improve include:

  • Managed Business continuity planning & implementation
  • Computer repair and replacement
  • Workflow assessment & consultation
  • Data backup, monitoring, and encryption
  • Cloud-based duplication and workflow management
  • Disaster response

If you are looking to upgrade your IT system to meet today’s technology demands, then contact Nexgentec today. Our IT professionalspartner with companies in The Villages to optimize their technology and grow their business.

We offer IT services, networking services, data security, and telephone services for businesses across The Villages, Florida. To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us today at 352-224-3866.