What Layers of Protection Are in Your Current IT Security Plan?

It’s likely that you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity.


Because you are reading our webpage.

You’ve shown that you have an interest in keeping your business safe from lone-wolf hackers and malicious, global cybercrime syndicates.

We congratulate you on your foresight.

But can we ask one question?

What layers of protection are in your current IT security plan?

Most company leaders will point to their antivirus or their firewall – and those things are important.

But the days that we could depend on a cookie-cutter antivirus or firewall to protect a business are long gone.

Today, you need concentric rings of IT security to ensure that each aspect of your IT infrastructure is secured against unwanted entry and criminal behavior.

What is in the NexgenTec Cybersecurity Arsenal?

We use cutting-edge IT security protocols, including some that were developed by former NSA cybersecurity operators. Our IT security stack enables us to provide round-the-clock protection.

  • Educating employees as to what to look out for while doing business online
  • Securing email against malware, adware, spam
  • Detecting ransomware and other malware before they cause catastrophic damage
  • Limiting network access through role-based access controls
  • Guarding data through encryption and automatic, verifiable backup
  • Ensuring compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FDA regulations, FINRA, and other legislative and oversight bodies
  • Keeping wireless networks secure through proper implementation, configuration, and monitoring
  • Hunting down threats that may have slipped through the defenses
  • Triaging and repairing the damage done by unauthorized access (hackers and malware)

How Does Our Cybersecurity Offering Work?

Our cybersecurity offering is provided within our Managed IT Services packages. The Managed IT Services monthly fee gives you IT security that is tailored to how you are using your technology and what your employees are doing online.

What’s the process like?

Our cybersecurity process begins with a thorough assessment of your current IT security posture. By using specialized tools, we can pinpoint vulnerabilities and other areas that we need to shore up. Once we have generated an IT security baseline, we go about the work of getting everything up to industry standard. Once the vulnerabilities have been addressed and any needed changes made, we use remote access to watch over your IT systems day and night. Potential threats are flagged, assessed, and addressed proactively without interrupting your internal workflow. Usually, we’ll know about and deal with a threat without you even being aware of the problem or needing to pick up the phone.

It’s just that simple – for you.

For the NexgenTec team, cybersecurity is an ongoing battle of wits against those that seek to do harm to our clients. – And we have a track record of winning the battle!