Why Are Dade City Florida Business Leaders Drawn to Nexgentec?

Have you ever picked up a cookie off a plate, taken a bite, and known immediately that something was off?

Maybe it was just a little too much salt or maybe the milk the baker used had gone sour…but something just wasn’t right.

The reason that Dade City, Fl business leaders are attracted to the services of NexgenTec is that we have the right mix.

  • The right mixture of experience and innovation
  • The right mixture of professionalism and
  • The right mixture of IT tools and services
  • The right mixture of productivity and security
  • The right mixture of proactive solutions and responsiveness to IT questions/issues

Our team is just the right size to serve the businesses here in Dade City. We’re not so big that we’ll forget your name, but we’re not so small that we don’t have the capacity to serve you with excellence. We’ve found just the right balance between the small-town IT firm and the high-octane corporate technology driver.

What Services Does Nexgentec Leverage for Small to Mid-size Companies in Dade City, Florida?

  • DesignThe foundation of a reliable network is an exceptional design. NexgenTec utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and techniques, ensuring you a reliable network for years to come.
  • Wiring & WirelessNexgentec’s wireless technology provides complete coverage throughout your facility and reliable connectivity for all devices.
  • SecurityAchieving network and computer security is a high priority. Why? Because your data and your client's confidential information cannot be compromised.
  • Phone SystemsVital for business, a modern phone system will reduce cost and provide professional business features that increase efficiency.
  • ServersWhether you use in-house or cloud-based servers, we’re confident that we can help you utilize them to their fullest capacity. Servers are typically used to house Electronic Medical Records (EMR), faxes, file storage, backups, applications, or are used as domain controllers.
  • WorkstationsReliable, properly functioning, and adequately maintained workstations are essential to maximizing employee productivity.
  • Filtering & MonitoringNexgentec’s web filtering allows you to control your network, increase productivity, and save money. Are you losing productivity to time-wasters like Facebook, Youtube, or shopping sites? We’ve got you covered.
  • Technology and Business ConsultingAre you looking for advice on a new project or how to optimize your IT infrastructure? We’ve got the pro-business, IT advice you need.