The Four Biggest Reasons Leesburg FL Executives Are Considering Nexgentec

Why an entire page on our website dedicated to Leesburg, Florida?

Because Leesburg is where we work, live, and play!

Let us tell you about the four biggest reasons that executives here in the Leesburg, Fl area are looking to the NexgenTec team for IT consulting and IT support.

  1. Who Are Nexgentec? — We Know Who We Are – And Who We’re Not

    Our team of IT specialists is in what we like to call the “sweet spot.” We’re not so small that we can’t take care of the growing needs of small to mid-size organizations, but we’re not so big that our clients become simply a number and a paycheck. Every Leesburg business leader that we serve knows each of our names, and we like it that way.

  2. What Can NexgenTec Do? — We Know What We’re Doing

    We’re fortunate. We’ve been around a while, so we’ve seen a thing or two in the technology world. We provide an entire suite of IT services including:

    • IT Security
    • Business Continuity Strategy
    • Data Backup and Recovery
    • Network Administration
    • IT Compliance Consulting
    • Patching, Updates, Upgrades
    • IT Maintenance
    • Antivirus, Anti-Malware
    • Managed IT Services
    • Firewall Configuration and Management

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We have the IT skills to help you work efficiently and securely online.

  3. Who Does NexgenTec Serve? — We Know Who We Can Help – And Who Isn’t a Good Fit

    Leesburg business leaders are known for straight talk, so let’s have a frank conversation. Our ideal client is a business and business leader that:

    • Has a high dependence on technology for daily workflow
    • Wants to follow the advice of an IT professional
    • Values the IT services that we offer
    • Desires to have a valued IT support partner – not simply a computer-fix-it guy
    • Has the resources to care for the company’s IT systems appropriately
    • Has a vision and plan for company growth
  4. Why Does NexgenTec Keep Work Local? – We Know You care About Supporting Local, Leesburg, Fl Business

    Would it be cheaper for us to send phone calls directly to an offshore call center for your tech support? Sure it would. But that’s not us. You want to talk to someone you know, and you want to be served by someone that can deal with your problem now – not kick the ball down the road to someone else. Each call, email, or online support request is answered by one of our IT professionals right here in Leesburg.