What You Need to Know About Your Wireless Networking

Companies from Clermont to The Villages struggle with their internal WiFi systems every day.


Well, there are several possible reasons.

  1. A faulty initial design and implementation
  2. Additions to the wireless network that weren’t done properly
  3. A lack of maintenance
  4. Aging hardware
  5. Changes in the facility – additions/remodeling

Any one of these can be the cause of your frustrations with your internal wireless network.

When Was Your Last Wireless Network Assessment?

Resolving your wireless network challenges and giving you a seamless experience with your mobile devices on site begins with a thorough wireless network assessment. In this stage, our technicians use assessment tools to survey your entire wireless environment. This assessment will show us what is working, what is not, where the dead spots are – and why. After the initial wireless network assessment, we’ll give you a summary that outlines the problem areas along with a strategy and prices to bring your wireless network up to industry standard.

Getting the Nexgentec team to provide you with a wireless network assessment and taking the recommended remediation steps will:

  • Improve your employees’ interoffice collaboration capability
  • Speed up your internal processes by driving more efficiency
  • Lower your staff’s frustration with the WiFi system

How Secure is Your Wireless Network?

Today, efficiency and security seem to be the two factors that rank the highest when it comes to concerns about a company’s wireless network – and rightfully so. If a system is not efficient, why have it? If it’s not secure, it’s a danger to your entire organization.

A wireless network that isn’t secure is pretty much the same thing as leaving the front door to the office open when you go home for the night. Anyone with a little bit of tech skill can get in and cause damage to your business.

Wireless Netowrk

We want to help you keep that from happening.

By implementing WiFi security protocols, updating any outdated equipment, properly configuring endpoints, and constantly monitoring for intrusion attempts, we can provide the security you need for an efficient, protected workflow.