Is Choosing, Migrating, Using, and Maintaining Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps Getting Confusing for You?

The two giants in office productivity software today are Google and Microsoft.

Sure, there are other office productivity suites out there, but none come with the rich feature sets and integrations available in these two outstanding products. But with this high level of capability comes an equally high level of complexity. This is where the expertise of an IT consultant can make the difference between a reasonably priced, effective solution and a costly, cumbersome office productivity suite.

What Does Nexgentec Do to Make Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 Work for Your Company?

  • Selection Consultation – In this stage, our software specialists take the time to understand your workflow and work with you to determine whether you should be using Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 as your office productivity solution.
  • Implementation – In the implementation phase, our IT professionals take the information gained in the selection stage and put it to work. We carefully choose the right modules from the selected office suite and set them up to support the way your team works.
  • Migration – In the migration step, your email, documents, spreadsheets, and databases are moved into the new system. This is a critical procedure that absolutely needs to be done by an IT professional to avoid data loss.
  • Protection – Once your instance of Google Apps or Microsoft Office has been properly selected, implemented, and migrated, it’s time to ensure that your cybersecurity protocols are up to the task of securing the software and your data that is housed inside the software. For the most part, this will be cared for by Google or Microsoft in the cloud. However, it is essential to ensure that your internal IT environment is not the cause of vulnerability.

Why Do Companies Use Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365? – Benefits

  • Budgeting – Both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are based on a monthly subscription payment model geared to the number of users you have on the system.
  • Scalability– Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are equally capable of easily scaling up or down depending on your company’s growth or seasonal cycles.
  • Productivity – Both of these outstanding choices enable your staff to get work done more quickly than they would without the software.
  • Simplicity – Updates and upgrades are included in the monthly subscription price and are implemented automatically.
  • Mobility – Google Apps lives in the cloud and is accessed via web browser. As such, Google Apps can be accessed from any internet-connected device. Microsoft Office 365 has downloadable apps for mobile devices, a computer-based version, and a web portal for their array of applications.

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