Business Computer Repair Services: Clermont, FL

As a business owner, you understand the role of technology as a catalyst in the overall success of your company. So, how do you maximize your technology’s efficiency, increase your team’s productivity, and keep your business secure from cyber attacks all at once?

That’s the question we answer every day.

NexgenTec offers innovative computer repair in Clermont, FL. We also provide managed IT, wireless networking, and data security for small businesses and large corporations alike. We help business owners understand and embrace the value of IT technology by offering solutions that do the following:

  • Speed up workflow, collaboration, and productivity
  • Shield your company from hackers and agencies trying to break into your network
  • Utilize technology to stimulate corporate growth and increase revenue
  • Assist you in undergoing a seamless digital transformation at all levels
  • Educate your team on how to use new technology in productive ways

Let’s take a closer look at how working with a computer repair company in Clermont, FL can help your business thrive.

Cyber Security: Your Number One Priority

The adage, “There’s always somebody smarter,” is especially true in the digital universe. No company in existence can ever feel comfortable with its current security setup. Business owners must be proactive in finding new ways to lock down their network system and isolate their data from invaders.

The role of the IT company in drastically reducing cyber threats is more central than ever. After all, if you can’t trust your IT provider to protect you from hackers, then who can you trust?

Ask yourself, If someone was to break into our network or files, what is the worst thing that could happen? A Nexgentec IT provider can help you address that concern by assessing your current infrastructure, deconstructing your setup, and then rebuilding your system from the ground up to make it more secure than before.

The Nexgentec Cybersecurity Arsenal

Our methodology for putting a digital hedge around your organization looks like this:

  • Educating your employees on cyber threats they should be aware of
  • Securing email against malware, adware, spam
  • Detecting Ransomware and other malware before it cause company-wide damage
  • Limiting network access through role-based access controls
  • Guarding data through encryption and automatic, verifiable backup
  • Ensuring compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FDA regulations, FINRA, and other legislative and oversight bodies
  • Keeping wireless networks secure through proper implementation, configuration, and monitoring
  • Hunting down threats that may have slipped through the defenses
  • Triaging and repairing the damage done by unauthorized users

Wireless Networking: Stop the Disconnect

Mention wireless services today, and you are likely to get as many disgruntled and negative comments as you are positive feedback. Why is this? Because many companies in the Clermont, Florida area are still stuck on the spinning wheel of outdated wireless technology. The truth is, many business owners do not want to deal with the time or money that they feel it will take to upgrade their technology.

It may surprise you, however, that digital transformation is both cost-effective and easy when you work with an IT provider. Nexgentec can deliver an advanced wireless network without hurting your business continuity. Our technicians can meet with you to discuss your frustrations with your current setup and then provide a workable solution for modernizing your wireless technology.

Through our managed IT service, we can monitor your system, make the necessary upgrades when the time is right, alert you to any security issues, and handle technical issues right away. How will working with an IT specialist benefit your company?

  • Improve your employees’ interoffice collaboration capability
  • Speed up your internal processes by driving more efficiency
  • Lower your staff’s frustration with the Wi-Fi system

Business Continuity

If you do business in Clermont, then you know the potential disasters that could shut down your business operations:

  • Fire
  • Human Error
  • Flooding
  • Hackers
  • Power Outages
  • Ransomware
  • Criminal Activity

Our technicians can evaluate your current workflow and design a strategy that enables you to continue your processes and access data from a secondary location when disaster strikes. We can ensure that you have the tools to train your employees to act quickly when something goes wrong with your system. We can help you develop a solid infrastructure that you can rely on at all times.

Professional Business Computer Repair in Leesburg, FL

If you are ready to take your technology and communication to the next level, then contact NexgenTec today. Our dedicated group of IT professionals is passionate about helping companies optimize their technology to grow their business and overcome common issues.

We offer IT services, networking services, data security, and telephone services for businesses across Leesburg, Florida. To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us today at 352-224-3866.